November 12 2007

Newell Rubbermaid joins the ever-growing number of companies to adopt majority votingA shifting focus toward nominating committees and seccession planning as Merrill Lynch and Citigroup are replacing their CEOs, and shareholders seek more involvement in nominating processes. More on seccession-planning here. In light of Merrill Lynch and Wachovia, on the role played by Boards of Directors in merger negotiations.  

Reflections on Sarbanes-Oxley upon its fifth birthday. Denison Mines receives the 2007 Ontario Corporate Governance Award from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. Says Denison President Peter Farmer, “The importance of our corporate governance procedures is that it improves communications and it allows us to take better advantage of the expertise on our board.” On the changing face of Canadian corporate governance.

In Jordan, the development of good corporate governance practices is seen as vital to encouraging much needed foreign investment. Good corporate governance practices noted as essential for Nigerian banking success. New systems being instituted to improve corporate governance in ShanghaiQuestions about the substance of corporate governance policy in India. And also from India, on corporate governance challenges faced by family-run business.

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