Coming Soon: Board Games!

Be sure to read the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business on November 22, to see the 2010 edition of Board Games — the G&M’s annual corporate governance ranking.

The Clarkson Centre has been collecting the data behind Board Games for the past 5 years. Last year, the top 3 companies were SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., Toronto-Dominion Bank and Bank of Montreal. Who will it be, this year? Watch for the answer, here: Board Games.

Note also that, shortly after the publication of Board Games, the Clarkson Centre will be publishing the results of its annual Board Shareholder Confidence Index, courtesy of the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance. (The last 7 years’ results can be found here: Board Shareholder Confidence Index.) So check back here!

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One response to “Coming Soon: Board Games!

  1. Great Post…I’m wondering if you personally think that the current corporate environment fosters or prevents ethics training and corporate compliance.

    Thanks Again for the post!

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