Proxy Advisory Firms

This year’s Board Games report is accompanied by an excellent feature article on the role of proxy advisory firms.

Here’s the story Jane McFarland: Proxy advisory firms flexing some serious muscle.

The story focuses on North America’s biggest proxy advisory firm, Institutional Shareholder Services Inc., and the controversy over the quality and transparency of ISS’s advice, along with the amount of influence the company has.

The story quotes the Clarkson Centre‘s Chairman and Director, David Beatty:

“It’s deeply ironic to me that the whole motion toward shareholder responsibility has ended up in the hands basically of one firm whom people accept advice from,” says corporate director David Beatty, who chairs the board of Inmet Mining Corp. and also acts as an adviser to ISS competitor Glass Lewis & Co. LLC.

“By and large, the votes of $10-trillion of assets under management are determined in the first instance by one company. … It’s too much power in one place, and a total abrogation of power by everyone else.”

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