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Pay for Performance Observations 2011

By: Antonio Spizzirri

In 2009, the Clarkson Centre for Board Effectiveness (CCBE) began observing pay and performance for firms on the S&P/TSX Composite Index (TSX Index).1 CCBE has continuously tracked pay and performance data since 2004 for over 300 Canadian large public firms. For the purposes of this report, we observe 200 firms who were listed on the TSX Index in 2011 and for which 7 continuous years of pay and performance data are available. The impact of the financial crisis can be seen in our TSR observations for two years (2008-2009) of our sample. The average annual TSR in 2008 is the lowest in our observation period at -31.64% which was followed by the highest average annual TSR of 36.51% in 2009, suggesting an immediate overall rebound. However, despite the negative impact of the financial crisis, overall CEO pay and performance over the 6-year 2005-2010 period were aligned.

Publication can be found here.


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November 5 2007

Canadian Auditor-General Sheila Fraser and Karl Moore of McGill University discuss the evolution of corporate governance. Hewlett-Packard “whistle-blower” Tom Perkins expands on a point raised by Fraser: is Sarbanes-Oxley swinging the corporate governance pendulum too far into the realm of “box-ticking”?


Former Merrill Lynch CEO O’Neal receives $161.5 million— the fifth largest largest CEO severance package ever paid out in America. In light of Merrill Lynch developments, here on “to what extent accountability for effective oversight of financial strategies and gambits reached beyond the chief executive’s suite and into the boardroom.”


European corporate governance body ECGS is reported as supporting UK Hedge Fund Algebris’ demands for improved corporate governance by insurer Assicurazioni Generali.  Malaysia’s corporate governance is cited by World Bank as “impressive”. Corporate governance is regarded as being key to improving Pakistan’s global competitiveness.

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